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If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and frustrated with yourself and others, Healing Humanity is a game-changer. The major difference between this book and others is that you will be provided with practical solutions to resolve present-day and past issues.

  • Are you looking for real intimacy with others? When was the last time someone held you in their arms, looked into your eyes, and saw you for who you truly are, and it was not all about sex?

  • Do you ever find yourself feeling empty and alone, despite being in the midst of a relationship, or surrounded by family and friends?

  • Have you read many self-help books, looking for answers? Have you tried this and that, gone to many professionals, and still you came up short?

Healing Humanity: Time, Touch and Talk (TTT) will provide you a roadmap to a much happier, healthier life. Really, no bullshit, the exercises in this book will change your life for good … money back guarantee!

American poet Robert Bly stated, “Where a man’s wound is, that is where his genius will be.” As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse by a trusted uncle, growing up in a dysfunctional family that felt like a war zone, living a gay life in the midst of a conservative community, and now happily married to a loving woman for nearly 40 years, with 3 beautiful adult children, Richard Cohen learned the power of healthy Time, Touch and Talk through his own healing journey. As a psychotherapist for 30 years, he has shared these gifts with thousands of individuals, couples, and families throughout the USA, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East. Cohen has trained over 6,000 psychotherapists, physicians, counselors, clergy, and ministry leaders about the skills you will learn in TTT.

We all crave intimacy. Each of us is born with skin hunger. When our basic needs for love and bonding with our parents/caregivers are not met, for whatever reason(s), we develop emotional wounds and unmet love needs. Often these turn into sexual desires that may lead us to do that which we don’t want to do.

Let’s talk about sex! Let’s get it on! Porn and erotica are a multi-billion dollar industry. If only those naked people would jump off the screen or out of the pages and hold us in their arms, oh, now that would make us feel so much better. But alas, that just isn’t happening. So what can you do?

We all need love and often settle for sex, whether virtual or real, whether within or outside of our marriage. TTT will help you fill the hole in your soul and turn your life around.

TTT is the missing link to help you fulfill your heart’s desire and become the loving person you truly are meant to be.

TTT is a radical paradigm shift for a happier, healthier you, and a more harmonious, loving family and community. It is time for TTT: to be held, to be heard, to be healed.

Now is the perfect timing for TTT with the outing of Hollywood moguls, political giants, business tycoons, and religious leaders for sexually abusing and misusing children and adults. The revolutionary concept of TTT is a way to fulfill our souls’ deepest needs for love and intimacy without simply settling for sex, or getting lost in the world of porn and erotica. With TTT, we will replace the arms of war with the arms of affection. These are our greatest weapons of all—to be held, to be heard, to be loved.

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