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The Family Healing Session (FHS) is one of the most advanced and effective therapeutic tools available in family counseling. The FHS helps generate greater intimacy and loving relationships within the family. It is especially helpful to remove barriers that prevent healthy connection and communication between parents and children. It also supports the resolution of longstanding conflicts in the family.

Ideally the parents and all the children participate in the FHS. It has been said by many—who have participated in our Family Healing Sessions—that this experience was equal to and greater than several years of therapy!

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Resolving Conflicts through Parent-Child Bonding

The purpose of the Family Healing Session is to connect the wounded adult-child (or children) to his or her parents and/or siblings. The child’s struggle then becomes an opportunity for the entire family to come together and heal.

Through any hurtful incident that a child experienced in the past, separation might have occurred in the parent-child relationship. If a trauma or emotional detachment goes unrecognized and unresolved, the wounding within the child will result in the development of a “symptom” in order to cope with the underlying pain. Through our Family Healing Sessions, the parents and children express their pent-up emotions and wounds. As a result of this process, they experience beautiful bonding and renewed love!

Finally the child will feel safe, secure, and experience the magnificent sensation, “I belong.”

Summary of what you will receive:
  • Family Healing Session for parents and children: Two-day intensive

  • Personal Treatment Plan: How to continue parent-child bonding

Aftercare program, ongoing support

A Journey of Understanding

We have a precious son who struggles with his sexuality. He is very sensitive and an amazing artist. All three of our sons are bright, strong, goal-oriented, and kind.

After years of hiding and keeping secrets, our son told us about his struggles, and we were completely at a loss how to help him. We didn’t know how to respond, how to react, what to say or where to turn. We watched him suffer. We saw his frustration. It was so painful for us to watch and feel so helpless.

We believed that God did not create this magnificent man to struggle in this way. However, he didn’t know where to turn for answers. After hitting rock bottom, he reached out to a friend who he thought might have battled in a similar way. It was true. His friend told him about Richard and the books he had written. This friend said his own healing journey began with his parents.

That was the beginning of our family healing. Our son led us on a journey of realization and understanding. A journey that helped all of us to experience hope and greater love. We got involved in parenting classes, read many books, and joined a support group. We came to understand how our parenting had impacted our son’s wounded heart.

His friend’s parents suggested we have a Family Healing Session, that it would help resolve past issues and bring everyone closer. It was a scary proposition, but we knew in our hearts it was our next step of the journey. We asked our two other sons to be a part of the Family Healing Session. “Please do it for us,” we requested; and they agreed.

While traveling to the family session, we were all full of “What if’s” and “What the heck are we getting ourselves into?” We, as parents, were worried and had no clue what to expect. We had prayed our entire lives, but extra prayers were definitely required before this session. We asked God to lead us ALL. And boy did He!

It is our belief that God led Richard to every thought, word, and action, as well as that of his co-therapist, Phillip. Our family session was full of open hearts, open minds, and honest feelings. There were difficult and painful wounds we had to unearth. We spoke of things never before said, and we processed through them all with love. Everyone was so raw, real, and honest. It was a safe place for us to share our pain, anger, and needs. We were never more proud of all of our sons than in those moments. We believe this family session was a giant steppingstone in our journey of healing and changing unhealthy behavioral cycles in our family. We are so grateful for the guidance, insight, knowledge and healing we experienced in the family session with Richard and Phillip. Thank you is inadequate!

This journey is not a sprint but a marathon, and we continue to see blessings that have manifested as a result of our Family Healing Session. Our sensitive son is receiving counseling and his growth is amazing! All members of our family will push towards increased understanding of ourselves and each other. God will continue to lead and we have renewed hope.  

 —Joshua & Wendy
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